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     Welcome to graphic illusion’s   underground comix !   Underground comic books from the 1960’s-1970’s Undergrounds and Independent Comics for sale.  Make an offer!  See videos of this material at urmzogna at youtube…videos of UG’s below:
Title / Issue # originally  issued at PRICES
Grim Wit #1 $75CorbenRip Off Press .50 cents
Grim Wit #2Corben Art 1973 Last Gaspfull color $1. cover * 
E.Z. Wolf’s Astral OutHouse $25 oboTed Richards sm.75 Cents originally
Big Ass Comics #1Robert Crumb1969 
Big Ass Comics #1R. Crumb$2.50 1991 later printing 
  ask for prices  
Fantagor #1 $49Corben.50 cents
Fantagor #3 $25Corben$1. tag
Fantagor #3 $20Corben art gore-y.75 c/$1. tag little wear
Tales of the Fox #13sm B&W$1.50 
Hot Stuff #5  (all UG)Corben Tim Kirk Art nfs1.50 
Hot Stuff #6beautiful art  
Hot Stuff #7Kaluta  
Tales of Terror #1Not an UG EclipseNice art $1.75 
Commies From Mars #11973 1st print.50 cents 
Commies From Mars #2 nfsin no modern guide after 1972NM great cover, adults 
Paranoia1972 Larry Todd + others.50 cents 
Slow Death #3Corben$1. tag 
Weirdom Comix #141971 Corben +1st Print 
Short Order #21974Jay KinneyBill Griffith Adults 
Skull #4 $271972 Gary Arlington.50 cents
Death Rattle #3Corben1973
American Flyer Funnies .50 cents 1981 
Death Rattle #4 Kitchen Sink 1986  
Barbarian Comics #21973Adults*
Slow Death #4 $25Corben Metzger + others$1. tag
Ground Pound Comix1987Blackthorne
Hot Stuff #8 nfsNeal Adams1978 $2.
Blood On The Moon1978 JaxonLast Gasp $1.
Cocaine Comix #1Wm Stout1975 adults *
Eternal Comics19731st print nfs ” * sex 
Anomaly #4wear damage wax leaked on top of comic corbenreadable
Dope Comix #3Nice condition * Jay Lynch 1979 5th printing$1.00 
Star Reach #1Cody Starbuck Howard Chaykin STARLIN
Slow Death #8baby seals    Stoutnfs
Armageddon #1Barney Steel porn*.50 cents
Armageddon #2, 2Barney Steeladults
Armageddon #3, 3666nice art
Andromeda #1, #1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3inquire here downsf 
The Image of the BeastPhilip Jose’ Farmer  
Moondog Metzger nfsprint mint.50 cents
Quack #5, 5, 6   
Young Lust 7   
Star Reach 2   
Recuerden El Alamo in no guide after 1972 $14.00
Slutburger adult modern ind. 
Hot Stuff 5   
Imagine 2   
Star Reach 11   
Bizarre Sex 7 in no guide after 1972 
MoonDog 2   
Death Rattle 16   
Star Reach 9   
Spasm 1 Jeff Jones nfs   
Slow Death 7 $25  Stout 
Hot Stuff 4 beat   
Bizarre 3-D Zone #1blackthornestroud
Quack #1Brunner  
Snarf #2   
Quack #5 dup  
Hot Stuff #3 nice 
French Ticklers #2 independant/ adult 
Slow Death #9atomic power issue G Irons  
Star Reach #4   
Moondog #21971.50cnfs
Fear and Laughter #1 $65stout / Hunter Thompsonnfs
50’s Blast From The Past #1nfs  
Get Lost #1 Cover $6.95 
Itchy & Scratchy Comics #1   
Death Rattle #11, 11   
The Big Trucker   
Star Reach 2   
Cherry 15GREAT Porn WITH AN ARCHIE FLAVOR Adults only 
Death Rattle #12   
Eros Tattooadult  
Willow Sketchbook   
Imagine #2Craig Russellnfs
Moondog #4metzgerin no guide after 1972
Faust #8   
The Book of Raziel1969  
commies.jpg Havejaxskull4.jpg Havebeastrumsfeldbushcheneydevils3.jpg Have
Death Rattle #13   
Slow Death #6 $25   
Nard & Pat #2   
Moondog nfs 
Energized TRUCKIN   
High Adventure #1   
Southern Comfort #1   
Quadrant #6Adult (I have others too 1st series) inquire1st print cool art
Death Rattle #7 in no guide after 1972 
Battle For A Three Dimensional World $25Cosmic Book by Jack KirbyWith glasses
  ask for scans and prices 
Bizarre 3-D Zone #1 williams, stout, poundgreat
Omaha, inquire.   
     I accept PAYPAL and checks and money orders.   Been selling comics for over 51 years offline and over 21 years online.  Over half of these have been in my personal collection unread since issued. Underground comix (as they are referred to are often for adults and some may have sexual themes or parodies.  You must include your age with any order (be over 21) or have an adult (your parent or guardian) purchase it for you.  *Personally I am opposed to drugs and violence (except on TV and in film). Make payment to:   Rob Gustaveson  any time.  (Please put these words “I want to buy these comix” in the subject line. Everything is in flux and negotiable, prices subject to change without notice; product may sell and it may take 30 days to update this page.   Add $5 to ship one or two comics.  All items above are still here plus a lot more.I am for creative expression.  Ask for a scan.   Rob Gustaveson P.O. Box 1261, Phoenix, OR 97535  Inquire prior to mailing payment. r.gustaveson@comcast.net  253-632-3175 messages ok.

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I am opposed to violence of any kind.  I believe in self censorship.  Not censorship.  I believe there is a higher purpose for man than many know about.  I know Truth comes only from God and not from Man.  I think history is repeating itself.  

 “Life Is Sacred” is my motto. 

Just in a new (OLD)  Fritz the Cat item.  Inquire!



Ask about Photo Offset Comic Fanzines.

by gustaveson. copyright 1982

Underground Comix For Sale

Published by comiczar99

I sell comics and comic art and have collected my whole life. I have some amazing Sun. Newspaper strips of Tarzan, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon available for sale directly from me. (Fair prices) All in plastic --not shrinkwrapped. 1930's-1950's They are by Alex Raymond and Hal Foster. I probably have 50,000 comics for sale; And over 30 pages of comic art for sale. r.gustaveson@comcast.net email me to get the ball rolling (if you want to buy some).

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