Marvel Comics

Comics for sale click links. / / Rob G. message me to buy something or ask a question…

Comics for sale at these links. email me anytime.


M A R V E L   photo zenback.jpg 

Amazing Adventures (Marvel) (just images)

Avengers Comics For Sale (link)

Thor, Capt. America, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Wasp,

Giant-Man/Ant-man (See Tales To Astonish)  etc.


Comics for sale. 


Cage (See Power Man and Iron Fist, same page)



all grades –click link see them all

Deadpool see X-Force 


Doctor Strange  (click link) Comics for sale

Some Dr. Strange and other comics are signed by Frank Brunner please inquire

 Dr. Strange Is my favorite comic character along with Silver Surfer and Warlock!

DRACULA Comics (Marvel) ask for a list. 

DEVIL DINOSAUR in:  Jack Kirby

Epic-magazine click link

The ETERNALSby Jack Kirby see Jack Kirby

Fantastic Four Comics


Ghost Rider Comics

Guardians of the Galaxy (See *WARLOCK)

hothulk.jpg image by comiczar

Tales_to_Astonish  (ANT-MAN / Hulk) .

Hulk / Submariner  —  silver age 

1960’s comics


modern, bronze

Hulk Magazine form 

Marvel Chillers #3 with

TIGRA The Were-Woman 

Marvel Comics For Sale

Iron Fist & Powerman

Iron Man Comics For Sale

click you-tube video to see covers 

Invincible – Ironman  

page 2random  

(For 1st or earliest ever appearances 

of Iron Man visit Tales of Suspense).


Silver Age  Iron Man and Capt. America 

Inhuman’s (samples) new (see the you tube video)

Jack Kirby art in misc. comics

Ka-Zar (Marvel) (just with images) inquire.

Machine Man


See EC and Mad

Moon Knight coming soon started adding images.

Comic Magazines  Comic Related UPDATED

New Mutants soon, see some covers now

Ms. Marvel  few images

Power Man/Cage/Iron Fist

Punisher *

Also have #1, 4, 5 of Punisher

Sgt. Fury

Have #3 plus 35 others.

strange tales #135 1st SHIELD Narvel

SHIELD see Dr. Strange / Strange Tales just a bit below


Ten other Original Nick Fury’s available.

Silver_Surfer  older

silver age just updated;

Silver Surfer modern 

Amazing Spider-man* (1st series)

Silver Age Comics (ask for video too) 

Steve Ditko Art is in issues 1-38 1st series Stan Lee

Silver Age.

Note:  We lost Stan Lee Marvel’s Author and Publisher for a long

while.  And Harlan Ellison left his body also in 2018.  We Lost

Steve Ditko in 2018 as well (Creator of Spider-man and Dr. Strange

and much more).

Spider-man   modern comics


Star-Wars Comics + more.

 photo yoda.jpg

Ask to see all my original 

Star Wars Movie (film)

Posters & magazines


Dr. Strange Torch Thing & or SHIELD

Tarzan Comics Joe Kubert Marvel and DC new



Thor great comics and a great film.





Thor Comics

*  video

 THOR Comics  silver age

(See more Thor videos below) Buy directly from me.  

thor comic books part 3 old comics high grade from

video click it

Venom_comics_for_sale (SPIDER-MAN continues)

Warlock***comics (Guardians of the Galaxy)  

Thanos, Infinity War, etc. Capt. Marvel. Ms Marvel

(See FF and Thor and Starlord etc.) Silver Surfer…. 

Samples here now. Offers OK.

X-FORCE Comics (X-men) $5

(Deadpool in X-Force #2 and others) SALE $7 + $5 shipping

Accept Paypal.


Silver age + John Byrne & Bronze Age & Modern Age comics;

X-men Comics for sale, still, here now.

2000 X-men back issues Available.

Uncanny X-men  1st ever X-men series.

X-Factor Comics (X-men)

Still have even if says sold.

ExCalibur Coming soon maybe (English Mutants/X-men)

Wolverine Comics Marvel’s famed X-men Character — COMICS for sale

New Mutants X-men (video of my comics for sale!)

 photo zenback.jpg


Visit all sites.  Each webpage is another opportunity to see more cool stuff for sale.

Each link is my comics and art and related stuff for sale site.

On this page, all, is for sale.

(All 100+ web pages contain my comics and art and other objects of art for sale).

Adding more daily!  See both links.  Star Trek, Star Wars and a big variety of other toys.

  You are here now

Published by comiczar99

I sell comics and comic art and have collected my whole life. I have some amazing Sun. Newspaper strips of Tarzan, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon available for sale directly from me. (Fair prices) All in plastic --not shrinkwrapped. 1930's-1950's They are by Alex Raymond and Hal Foster. I probably have 50,000 comics for sale; And over 30 pages of comic art for sale. email me to get the ball rolling (if you want to buy some).

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