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Dr. Strange is The Master of Mystic Arts — unique and wonderful comics — also a great film.

Marvel Comics         DC Comics          Original Comic Art*          Fanzines           EC Comics  This is a showing of my Strange Tales and Dr. Strange comics for sale and contains an Article or 3 also — and more.

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 Strange Tales

Comics with Dr. Strange


 and some with Human Torch and Thing

And or click these:   NEWER LARGER IMAGES BELOW Scroll down   http://ezinearticles.com/Dr.-Strange—Marvel-Comics-Great-Mystical-Occult-Champion- (And-More-About-Strange-Tales-Comics) bookmark this page 1960’s Silver Age  There is nothing like an original — RG  “Limiting Infinity is a Lot of Work” –RG

Dr. Strange: STEVE DITKO; Gene Colan, Frank Brunner, Marie Severin John Severin, STAN LEE, Bill Everett, Dan Adkins…+ other creator’s. Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD: Jim Steranko; Jack Kirby…+ other artists & writers. Email me, please, if you have a question or offers:  Rob G.   ORDER NOW — I accept PayPal.

r.gustaveson@comcast.net By the Hoary Hosts of Hogarth…buy these comics today!  
 This great silver age Marvel title STRANGE TALES was very exciting both for the continuity of storyline and the use of the artist.

  Coloring and even placement of word balloons is an art!  Exceptional inking & pencils.  Incredible stories!  Both Dr. Strange (by Ditko or Gene Colan) and Nick Fury (which I especially loved when illustrated and written by Kirby, Steranko and Lee)  are among my favorite comics — ever.    Surprisingly this series remains undervalued.  Incredibly great comics!  First series — originals,  graded accurately,  are now available here.  I  have doubles of a few issues.  Get ’em while they are hot!  And when the films come out these comics can only increase in value.)  Tune in for Tales to Astonish, Tales of Suspense and Journey Into Mystery.   Silver Age Marvel’s here in future ads (will add links).   Visit my webpage to see more comics for sale.  r.gustaveson@comcast.net Read Dr. Strange article below.
 Prices subject to change frequently, inquire. Many unlisted. 
Old Comics For SaleAll First Series and 1st prints OLD PRICESInquire for New Prices. 
Strange Tales #1031962 Larry Leiber, Jack Kirby; Dick Ayers.  Some wear.  Looks nice.No Dr. Strange in this issue. $29. to $375.00 in OverstreetThere is a Ditko Fantasy Story though!VG $58.00
Strange Tales #127Ditko on Dr. StrangeLee, Ayers art, Reinman on Torch / Thing halfVG+ 
Strange Tales #1283 bends, wear at bottom of spine, Ditko Dr. StrangeScarlet Witch, Quicksilver mutants Dick Ayers Thing Torch FF members star in 1/2 the comic   
Strange Tales #129Ditko on Strange, Thing Human Torchvg Dick Ayers bend
Strange Tales #132Ditko Dr. Strange; Human Torch & ThingVG+1965
Strange Tales #133Human Torch & The Thing: Powell /Demeo, Ditko: Dr. Strange. High Grade, small ding bottom right corner
Strange Tales #134Thing/Torch: Watcher, Bob Powell/Wallace Wood art!Steve Ditko on Dr. StrangeVG or better, minor wear 
Strange Tales # 138dupvf/exFineinquire
Strange Tales # 138Kirby/Severin; Ditko Dr. Strangevg+ 
Strange Tales #139Strange by Ditko, Kirby /Sinnott on Shieldvg 
Strange Tales #139Fine/VF  dup
Strange Tales #140 The End of Hydra 1966 Jack Kirby / Don Heck Joe Sinnott inksw.d. (water damage) Great color and gloss thoughAwesome Dr. Strange VG +
Strange Tales #142Chip top of cover Kirby art dup, Overall tight!  Ditko on Dr. Strange
Strange Tales #142Kirby /Demeao; Steve Ditko
Strange Tales #1421966 dup 1st print High Grade Personal Collection, minor wear, tiny chip back cover, still Extra Fine or better; Jack Kirby Penciller!!!!Ditko on Dr. StrangeHigh Grade  or higherP
Strange Tales #144Ditko, Kirby/ Purcell vg+/+ 
Strange Tales #144” Dr. Strange, Shield, nice cover tooExFine/NM 
Strange Tales #145Ditko, Kirby/Heck 
Strange Tales # 145Kirby – Heck, Ditkocenter loosesilver age
Strange Tales #145” DupExFine P
Strange Tales #146Last Ditko on ST, Nick Fury SHIELD by  Jack Kirby/HeckNFSvg++/F
Strange Tales #146DupLast Ditko — great!! 
Strange Tales #148Minor stress vertically at spine but overall this is a Extra Fine copy — or better.  Minor wear.  Like new luster and bright vivid color.Everett Dr. Strange Cover & interiors, Jack Kirby helps with writing and Kirby/Heck illustrate the Shield half of the comic.  P+ Persoanl Collection
Strange Tales #149 VG + or better Kirby Layouts “The End Of AIM” Art by Ogden Whitney.  1966 Silver AgeBill Everett ArtTag inside cover, writing top splash small pen, 
Strange Tales #150Personal Collection Kirby BUSCEMA on Shield, Severin on Dr. StrangeVF/ExFine some yellowing otherwise really niceInquire
Strange Tales #151Kirby/ Steranko Cover & Interiors; Bill Everett on Dr. Strange (Exceptional work by this Golden Age Artist)
Strange Tales #156Great Gloss and Color, Marie Severin on Dr. Strange, water damage stains on back cover, The best Steranko on Shield ever!Looks nice VG/++ 
Strange Tales #150Dr. Strange Everett Kirby Buscema SHIELDg/vg1966
Strange Tales #150Kirby Layout/John Buscema; Bill EverettVF
Strange Tales #151Kirby/Steranko; Golden Age Bill Everett on Strange, one bendFine or better
Strange Tales #153Thomas, Jack Kirby/Jim Steranko on Shield/Nick Fury Cover by Sternako lean and mean.  Grease pencil, chip, minor wear. Wear top of cover small area still overall looks Fine VG+Nice Gloss and colorDr. Strange by Severin
Strange Tales #154Thomas, Lee, Steranko on Shield, lower staple missing when published Overall tight and clean, few small bends, grade is VG+/Fine or better, nice gloss and color.  Severin’s Dr. Strange is strangely compelling.
Strange Tales #157Steranko Cover Shield, Sterano Art on Nick Fury inside!!! Quality; Marie Severin Dr. Strange ArtSome yellowing and wear back cover, chips, flakingVG or better nice gloss and color 
Strange Tales #161 Starts getting perfect here.  Steranko’s best work in this time period on Shield/Fury.Even minor wear FINE or better great gloss ad color, beautiful work.Dan Adkins on Doc Strange1967 A+ for Content (SHIELD)
Strange Tales #164Steranko; Adkinsrip back cover middle bigg++/vg
Strange Tales #166Steranko Nick FuryVG+1968
Doctor Strange #170wear, w.d., VG (Looks VF)Dan Adkins controversial art, great cover, 1968
Dr. Strange #171Begins all Dr. Strangevg+/F+ 
DupTom Palmer art Fine, Adkins cover, minor wear
Dr. Strange #172Gene Colan DormmamuVG+/F marked on bag
DupWOW Quality art  
Dr. Strange #173  Dr. Strange Colan artVG+/finehard grader meaning most are in better shape than stated 
Dr. Strange #173Colan ArtVF/ExFine++ 
Dr Strange #174Roy Thomas Gene ColanFinenice color 
Dr Strange #174       Roy Thomas  Gene ColanFine-; bent cornernice color  wrinkles bottom right cover
Dr. Strange #175Gene Colan entirely –awesome art!Super High Grade. Some stress lines but otherwise ExFine+ or better!!!!!  Sharp, tight, great gloss and color.  Excellent lok. 
Dr. Strange #176Gene Colan Art!!!ExFine +++ 
Dr. Strange #177Colan art nice fine, minor wear 
Dr. Strange #177ColanVF/ExFine  
Dr. Strange # 178Gene Colan Black Knight wowExFine 
Dr. Strange #179Interiors Reprint of Dr. Strange STEVE DITKO Annual #2VF or better, minor wear, nice gloss and color 
Dr. Strange #180Gene Colan nice art and storyEntirely Dr.Strangevf 
” DuplicateEternity Palmer inks wonderfully!VF or better 
Dr. Strange #180Gene Colan nice art and storyEntirely Dr.Strangef/vf 
Dr. Strange #181VF+ 
Dr. Strange #182Colan art nice,  Juggernautvg 
Dr. Strange #1821962  dup  all 1st printsMarvel$35.00
Marvel Premiere #3Dr. Strange Master Of The Mystic ArtsBarry Windsor SmithFine or betterNice Art
Marvel Premiere #4Barry Smith and Frank Brunner WOW!Fine or better
Marvel Premiere #5g-
Marvel Premiere #8Jim Starlin
Dr. Strange #1  in his own series!Signed by the Artist of this issue Frank Brunner; Autographed my comic at an event I threw$55.00Fine, wear, sub fold 1974One bend
Doctor Strange #4Frank Brunner art: also signed by the artist (at my old store)Awesome, Nice shape VF or better  
Doctor Strange #4 unsignedFrank Brunner Artfew bends 
Doctor Strange #5 Autographed
Doctor Strange #7Gene ColanBend
Doctor Strange #8VF/NM
Colanwear at spine minor 
Doctor Strange #9Gene Colan interiors
Doctor Strange #10Colan art (great)Fine 
Doctor Strange #11NM/M
Doctor Strange #12NM
Doctor Strange #13NM
Doctor Strange #14vgbendsDracula
Doctor Strange #15NM/M
My very old but still true Doctor Strange Article: “Realms Between —  The inter-dimensional exploits of  Dr. Stephen Strange.” A Deeper Foundational Beginning Than Previously Imagined. by Robert Gustaveson  
Dr. Strange was always a good guy Mystical Super Hero type but Dr. Stephen Strange wasn’t.  
Coming from  Atlas Comics (Pre-Marvel — post Timely) of the 1950’s — the fantasy series by Ditko and Kirby appealed greatly to me & most of my friends and acquaintances (in my Comic / SF circles) growing up. 

The natural evolution of this form — Strange Tales the fantasy comic series– became Strange Tales the Super Hero series.   Once Thing and Human Torch took over it wasn’t long until Dr. Strange became a wondrous back up event.  (For me the main course).

But Stan Lee originally called Dr. Strange  master of black magic.  Unfortunately black magic is evil (consequences of those who practice it are intensely severe ((the evil they do comes back to them at least 3 times —  they can hide but not forever))).  Luckily Stan changed Dr. Stephen Strange’s nomenclature to The Master of the Mystic Arts.  

Stephen Strange was a  greedy surgeon who lost his ability to operate on patients after a tragic car accident.  He then sought help from the Ancient One living in the Himalayan mountains.  Finally he becomes a metaphysical metaphysician.    Dr. Strange’s practice of the occult* (it merely means hidden knowledge*) leads him on many wonderful fun adventures.   (The filmed changed things: places, Ancient One etc.).

Without the inspiration of Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, Gene Colan and others Strange would not have been as great as he was and is.  Truly a marvelous creation.  

The short TV series did not do him justice.  (But was better than nothing — and at some levels it captured a small percentage of the feel of some of the early Dr. Strange comics.  

(Dated, already happened): Still if I had a desire it would be to create a Dr. Strange film and bring him to life in a combo of animation, special effects and as an actual live action movie).    Dr. Strange discovered God in Eternity and merged with him (later the character, Eternity,  was cheapened, I feel).  (In the comic book series).

Dr. Strange only practiced White Magic during the 1960’s.  In the 1990’s he practiced techno magic (whatever that is). The Master of Mystic Arts is a great character.  Be sure to start with Steve Ditko’s version for full appreciation of this astounding character.  

Marvel comic artist Marie Severin says the Kabala (Cabala –Jewish Mystical System) was a source of material for certain issues of  Dr. Strange that she worked on. But what did Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Gene Colan, Frank Brunner and others tap into? 

What made Marvel & Dr. Strange so great?  

Dr. Strange meditates and sits in a lotus position.  (Dr. Strange 3rd series #49 see cover and many other issues.) 

Dr. Strange and rock stars often hold their hands in the gesture of the anti-evil eye.  In sign language it means:  “Love.”  (Probably depends on which hand one holds up).  

So if you need advice on where to begin reading or collecting send me an email.  I recommend starting with Strange Tales #110 — 146 (most of) which contain Steve Ditko’s Dr. Strange! ***

 Beyond Fantasy and SF:  (Notes from the Astral Plane):

Note:  A Guru is a darkness dispeller…(If your Spiritual leader does not dispel darkness then he or she is not a spiritual leader.)  

One must be wary of glorification in the little self (ego — aka persona). Harvey Kurtzman was a Yogi (I think). 

Yoga means Union. There are many forms of Yoga and Meditation.  Meditation means God Contact in Stillness Deep with focus upon the Divine One (aka) “I die daily.” There is a Psychic and Mystical side to unusual performances in sports.

Then of course there is the idea and then there is the practice of it.  Some things cannot be attained via intellectualizing about it.  They must be experienced first hand. 

To emulate the teachings of the great masters is superior to preaching about it, obviously.  In this world of maya (illusion) where we live — this then is the battle.  Do you choose ego (and the slavery that comes with it) or Spiritualized Soul (that which you really are).

Truth Will Set You Free.  Spirit is Truth (naught else is).

This article © Copyright 2002, 2020 — Robert Gustaveson all rights reserved.
 Robert Gustaveson

Dr. Strange Comic Art
Easy to order directly from me:  r.gustaveson@comcast.net email me Thanks for checking out these great comics for sale! Note some links may cease after a few years, then. please email me for a scan if you need one.  Grades are guaranteed.  If unhappy with your purchase you may return it within 14 days.  Tell me within 7 days from time you receive it, please. Shipped fast in one weekday via 1st class well protected with a free bag and board. https://graphic-illusion.com

Hulk  King Size Special #1   Jim Steranko cover art, Marie Severin interior art. Inhumans. Top of spine of this annual sized Marvel comic book has a small split.  Still overall is Fine.  Nice Gloss and color with a few bends lower right corner frayed.  See it at my facebook page or on ebay.1968  
See Defenders and Charlton Comics and DC and Marvel & Tower +++ for other Ditko Comics.     rare Silver Age Marvel Comics DITKO Strange Tales Gold rare modern too   Strange Tales comics for sale from me…I also buy… This page is dedicated to Alan Watts, Jiddu Krishnamurte, George Leonard, Werner Erhard This page is sourced by rob gustaveson Marvel Maniacs come join the Vishnu Club today. Preserve Old Marvel  !  Eternity  (Old Marvel’s version of “God.”) steve ditko and jack kirby original comic art   Ditko art I buy it rob & rose rockin ashland oregon      in this reality flowa scary old poem i wrote onceroseflute    Dr. Strange remains one of my top 3 favorite comic characters of all time…Dr. Strange is © copyright Marvel comics. http://graphic-illusion.comvisit page one — homepage for details on buying this stuff. Religion was made by Man for Man. True Spirituality Lived is far superior to religion and all belief systems.  –RG Comic Books Comic Art graphic-illusion.com blb's books EC Golden Age Marvel DC homepage  
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