EPIC Illustrated Magazine

Magazines (all comics within in magazine format).


EPIC Illustrated Magazine

Super great comic books,
1st printings ever.
In high grade on cheap paper, in full color from
MARVEL COMICS & Author / Publisher Stan Lee by practically all of the artistic legends of the comic book genre! 
Magazine size but awesome coloring and art and stories. 
The best material ever produced.   From my personal collection!  
Contents of each issue are breathtaking! 
Will trade for issues I don’t have.    

#1 NM last copy  $35.00
#2 NM 1 copy SOLD probably
#3 NM Sold $15.00
#4 NM Sold $15.00
#5 NM Sold $15.00 #5 NM   $15.00
#7 NM/Mint Barry Smith Cover $20.00
#8 NM 1981 Goodwin, Jo Duffy, Tim Leary, Chaykin, Vess, Starlin, Suydam,
Conrad, Robbins, Veitch, Grant, Wheatley, O’Neil $15.00
#8 NM ” $15.00
#9 NM   $14.00 #9 NM   $14.00
#12 Fine- small top right corner piece out 1982 $9.50 #12 NM   $15.00 #12 NM   $15.00
#14 VF/NM- small bend Elric, P. Craig Russell $15.00
#16 NM   $15.00
#17 NM   $15.00
#18 NM   $13.00 #18 NM   $13.00
#18 Fine Bends bottom corner small inside a few pages $9.50
#19 VF+ Steranko $20.00
#20 NM   $15.00
#21 NM   $12.50
#22 NM/M   $12.50
#24 NM 1984 $12.50
#25 NM 1984 Jeff Jones cover;
Wrightson story and art, John Bolton… $22.50
#26 NM   $12.50
#28 Very Fine   $15.00
#29 VF   $12.00 #29 NM   $12.50
#31 Fine- small scrape, bends   $10.00 #31 VF   $12.00
#31 NM   $12.50
#33 VF+   $12.00

Prices subject to change (based on availability, grade, quantity and other factors) without notice.  Offers considered.
All are sold ungraded and grades are approximate (but dang accurate having graded professionally since 1965)*.  All sales as is final.  In the US I will confirm and or track your order at least. I keep all receipts and will be happy to show you that I mailed it. Thanks.  
*Selling comics for 52 years and doing mail order that long too.    

http://graphic-illusion.com see under Marvel for Epic

Published by comiczar99

I sell comics and comic art and have collected my whole life. I have some amazing Sun. Newspaper strips of Tarzan, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon available for sale directly from me. (Fair prices) All in plastic --not shrinkwrapped. 1930's-1950's They are by Alex Raymond and Hal Foster. I probably have 50,000 comics for sale; And over 30 pages of comic art for sale. r.gustaveson@comcast.net email me to get the ball rolling (if you want to buy some).

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