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ninth-nebula comics and art (phased out), (still strong) & (Finally developing for your viewing & buying pleasure).

Thanks for being and buying from me, Rob Gustaveson, selling comics and art for 53+ years

2020, comiczar,

Ah to be 17 again
Comics and magazines and original comic art for sale from NINTH NEBULA Click link to see old remnant of

Ninth Nebula Comics and Art for sale.

  • Graphic Illusion COMICS & ART ©™1965, 1967, 1968, 1971, 1986, 2000, 2020


Welcome to Ninth Nebula & Beyond Illusion New Age Books and Comics.  Open 1 year in Venice, CA 1978  — my open to the public complete comic book store (Ninth Nebula) was open for 10 years next door to the oldest Science Fiction Club of all time LASFS– Ninth Nebula Lives!…now online as:

References, samples & questions answered in relative detail  upon request! 

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©Copyright gustaveson 2020

is now

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Ninth Nebula  Comics became graphic illusion comics and art

or vice versa depending on your viewpoint

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I Buy & Sell Old Comic Books

Thanks for being!

        My comic book store, Ninth Nebula, existed for 10 years in North Hollywood, CA. 

        In 1997 I left Southern California and have not returned except to visit family and friends or attend S.D. Comic Con International.

        I now live in Oregon.  I can meet with you in Seattle, Oregon or California.  

        I’ve done mail order since 1965.  And I’ve been on ebay as graphic-illusion for 23 years. 

       My website is

I make my own sites.  (Not bragging).

My PMC grading service…will grade any comic from 19611996 for $5.00!  (OR Free automatically when you buy it from me).

Become an affiliate today.  PMC saves you time and money.

I use Overstreet, closed auctions,  online price guides, reality at stores and cons, plus 52+ years experience selling comics and art, plus I utilize online and offline sources in determining prices.  I have graded professionally for over 52 years.  Sales are as is final unless I send the wrong item. Return Shipping is your only risk. Expert at Mail Order.

Supply and demand is major.  Now (as always) grade plays a part.  Though I am for people reading and collecting.

Buy what you enjoy, if it goes up that is an added bonus.

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and buy today!  Twenty new links.

Buy all my comics and art + 50,000 HIGH GRADE comics many unlisted & many many rare in excellent condition.

Some of my old articles.

Huxley Symposium ©

enchanting_hawkmistress ©  

findhorn ©  

consciousness-raising 101 ©  

esoteric / mystical ©

Find the raw one with images or ask me to send you a link

Dr.Strange–Marvel-Comics-Strange-Tales ©

 © My articles & ezine articles & art & logos may not be reprinted in any form or modified without my written permission.  Find the original versions not on ezine with images.







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Over 50 Years experience in Comics Retail and mail order…

Your comics are worth more than you think.


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I buy everything related to comic books and comic art

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And I have been selling at my website (for 22+ years)

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You can easily buy directly from me.  ASK.

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Published by comiczar99

I sell comics and comic art and have collected my whole life. I have some amazing Sun. Newspaper strips of Tarzan, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon available for sale directly from me. (Fair prices) All in plastic --not shrinkwrapped. 1930's-1950's They are by Alex Raymond and Hal Foster. I probably have 50,000 comics for sale; And over 30 pages of comic art for sale. email me to get the ball rolling (if you want to buy some).

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