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back-issue-comics Nov. 2022

Please Email me for the grade and price, or to order, thanks!

Silver Age Comics To Modern 1960’s-1996

with a few older and newer — About 40, 000 comics for sale and more.

Platinum Age Golden Age Silver Age Bronze Age Copper Age etc.

Visit my two sites to start: (my oldest site continuous for over 26+ years) check it out after you see this: newest site I made you are here now scroll down !!

Most of my recent listings online. (Last couple years).

Comics for sale. And more.

Email me for price and grade;

Published by comiczar99

I sell comics and comic art and have collected my whole life. I have some amazing Sun. Newspaper strips of Tarzan, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon available for sale directly from me. (Fair prices) All in plastic --not shrinkwrapped. 1930's-1950's They are by Alex Raymond and Hal Foster. I probably have 50,000 comics for sale; And over 30 pages of comic art for sale. email me to get the ball rolling (if you want to buy some).

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