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My 50th year selling comics and art.

Superman Annual #7 high grade comic book

Graphic Illusion Comics and Art (EC Marvel DC Original Comic Art) comicbooks

25+ Years on Ebay as graphic-illusion

53 years selling offline so far

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Me in 1996
$50,000.00 Inquire r.gustaveson@comcast.net cash/trade/paypal

Steve DITKO (Ink) / Jack KIRBY (Pencils) Comic-ART FOR SALE.

I sell comics and art.

Born and raised in the US.  I ship almost everywhere.  Global / International shipping is good.     Please scroll down for my easy selling TERMS.   I want your satisfaction and repeat business.  p.s. I have a ton (literally) of high grade comics….tell me your interests.




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I do not use photobucket anymore so they ruined all my images I am now back-issue-comics.com

See my Ebay store.  Or click graphic-illusion at ebay.

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Robert Gustaveson

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 253-632-3175 cell leave message will call back.

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I love Email.  This page of art is $595

Graphic Illusion Comics and Art (EC Marvel DC Original Comic Art) comicbooks

     Hi welcome to Graphic Illusion comics and art.  Thanks for buying from me.  

     The first super hero  comic book I ever read and picked out from a corner store was a (Superman) Action Comics with Brainiac on the cover.  As a kid around 1961.  I then proceeded to buy every SUPERMAN related title for years and then everything.   

     Soon after I was also hooked on MARVEL and by age 15 explored Golden Age and EC comics and comic art.  And fanzine publishing.

Keep scrolling downward:  

Information and Terms:

       Hi, thanks for visiting my former about me page YOU CAN BUY DIRECTLY FROM ME ANYTIME. Besides Paypal I accept checks and money orders.

  • I love PayPal for credit card payments to me

         Orders are mailed flat between two pieces of sturdy hand cut cardboard & usually via 1st class mail in a manila envelope or in a box. My packaging provides maximum protection for your comic and art purchases.  I have done mail order for comics and comic-art for over 50 years.  

       Art will come between 3 strong unopened Priority Boxes…more comic-art shipped in same order ships free.  Comes insured, tracked.  Well protected.

         No cash through mail, please, thanks. .

This is an SAMPLE old list of comics THAT USE TO BE ON EBAY most of which I still have ask me to relist it if I haven’t already:

ItemStartEndPriceTitleHigh Bidder/Status
121270880828NOWNEVER until sold$25.00Next Generation original Writers/Director’s Guide Gene Roddenberry 1987Still Available
121270880829Feb-06-14Mar-08-14 13:11:36$11.00DC COMICS PRESENTS ANNUAL #2 Superman Intro Superwoman DC 1988 Gil Kane CoverAvailable
360854592036Feb-06-14Mar-08-14 13:11:36INQUIRE still on ebay as of  2019Fantastic Four #66 (Sep 1967, Marvel Comics) Stan Lee Jack Kirby HIM=
121271036263Feb-06-14Mar-08-14 18:22:55$350.00Professor Xavier & The X-men Issue #4 Page of Original Comic Art #13 MARVEL ARTAvailable
121271446638Feb-07-14Mar-09-14 12:56:49$15.00DEADMAN #1 Deluxe Format VF/NM range — NEAL ADAMS 1985Available
360855401732Feb-07-14Mar-09-14 13:00:58$35.00HERCULES PRINCE OF POWER #1, 2, 3 MARVEL COMICS 1st series 1st print VF LIMITEDAvailable
121271450163Feb-07-14Mar-09-14 13:04:33$52.00The INVADERS #31 Meet Frankenstein Marvel Comics 1978 RARE .35 cent editionAvailable
121271451141Feb-07-14Mar-09-14 13:06:39$445.00Action Comics #87 SUPERMAN 1st series 1st printing DC COMICS Golden Age  SOLDAvailable
121271461011Feb-07-14Mar-09-14 13:25:27$199.95Weird Science #15 EC COMICS 1st series & print Wally WOOD 1950’s Al WilliamsonAvailable
360855583646Feb-07-14Mar-09-14 18:23:37$37.70Star Wars Treasury #1 and #2 Marvel Special Edition 1977 Very Large ComicsAvailable
360856790978Feb-09-14Mar-11-14 13:51:52$375.00Original Comic Book Artwork: Uncanny X-men #406 Page 11 Marvel ARTAvailable
121273585577Feb-10-14Mar-12-14 21:20:04900.00Original Comic Art by GEORGE EVANS — EC Comics ART Old 1950’S Golden Age ART SOLDAvailable
360860700285Feb-14-14Mar-16-14 15:18:2455,000.00Jack KIRBY & Steve DITKO Original Comic Art 1960’s TALES TO ASTONISH #50 Page #6 oboAvailable
360863515595Feb-18-14Mar-20-14 14:12:52$600.00COVER ART for EON the Magazine of GRAPHIC ILLUSIONS 1969 GEORGE BARR (Comic/SF)Available
360868329381Feb-24-14Mar-26-14 13:41:29$22.00Machine Man #1 JACK KIRBY art (all) 1978 niceAvailable
360868336067Feb-24-14Mar-26-14 13:53:13$25.00Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #57 Silver Age 1961 — 1st print and series DC COMICSAvailable
121282702283Feb-24-14Mar-26-14 14:02:14$11.00The WEIRD #4 DC COMICS Very Nice WRIGHTSON COVER Jim Starlin Green 1988 ThickerAvailable
360868348188Feb-24-14Mar-26-14 14:04:11SOLDComic-Art Iron Man Art by Gene Colan ORIGINAL COMIC ART He is an Avenger…Available
121282737721Feb-24-14Mar-26-14 15:11:28$15.00TEEN TITANS #44 Bronze Age comic book 1976 DC COMICS looks nice great artAvailable
360868512534Feb-24-14Mar-26-14 18:38:23$375.00Original Comic Art by Zachary HAWK AND DOVE Cover ish #4 ’98 lower price now SOLDAvailable
121283965129Feb-26-14Mar-28-14 12:59:13$440.00Original Comic Art Darkest Knight #12 GREEN LANTERN Signed Jerry BinghamPrivate Listing
360870098664Feb-26-14Mar-28-14 17:53:12$350.00VAMPIRELLA #1 Warren 1st print and series SOLDAvailable
121284134594Feb-26-14Mar-08-14 17:10:18$105.00MYTHLORE #1 January 1969 free shippingAvailable
121284287722Feb-27-14Mar-09-14 00:32:51$500.00WITZEND #1 — The greatest Comic Book Fanzine of all time–1st print 1966 WOODAvailable
360870851869Feb-27-14Mar-09-14 17:50:14$35.00Graphic Story Magazine #12 Basil Wolvertoon new low priceAvailable
360870859686Feb-27-14Mar-09-14 17:58:23$450.00Superman #39 Golden Age comic book DC Comics 1946  INQUIRE MAY BE SOLDNo Bids Yet
121284774140Feb-27-14Mar-09-14 18:00:41$35.00Rockets Blast Comic Collector #64 Fantucchio Frankenstein CoverAvailable
121284776822Feb-27-14Mar-09-14 18:04:43$29.00WOODWORK by Wally Wood (entirely!) 1st printAvailable
121284908250Feb-27-14Mar-29-14 23:30:22$325.00THE BEATLES STORY Marvel Super Special #4) Pristine shape NM/Mint rangeAvailable
360871609890Feb-28-14Mar-10-14 15:23:54SOLDOriginal Comic Art JACK KIRBY 1976 Black Panther issue #25 pg #1 COMIC ART real SOLDNo Bids Yet
121285399663Feb-28-14Mar-10-14 15:42:02$15.00WILDCATS X-MEN #1 wow NM 3-D Comic book Issued at $6.50 1st print unread everNo Bids Yet
121285485489Feb-28-14Mar-10-14 18:46:17$35.00GUTS: The Magazine with Intestinal Fortitude #4 High Grade 1st printing Tim KirkAvailable
121285566029Feb-28-14Mar-10-14 21:33:30$25.00BLADERUNNER #1 Deluxe Format Steranko cover; Al Williamson interior art + photosAvailable
121285567088Feb-28-14Mar-10-14 21:36:10$45.00SQUA TRONT #3 high grade EC FANZINE Frazetta, Wrightson, Ray BradburyAvailable
121285603783Feb-28-14Mar-10-14 23:26:15$29.95ART Magazine: ART NEWS with McCartney and De Kooning Feb. 1982 –176 pagesAvailable
121285646323Mar-01-14Mar-11-14 01:26:49$639.00Original Comic Art Marvel of Dr. Strange #31 Page #10 Silver Surfer too NICEAvailable
121286190001Mar-01-14Mar-08-14 13:49:48$20.00The New Sun #7 Transcendental Levitation, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dick Gregory…No Bids Yet
121286198820Mar-01-14Mar-31-14 15:05:47$1,495.00Amazing Spider-man #5 Marvel STEVE DITKO art 1st series 1st printing originalAvailable
121286203127Mar-01-14Mar-08-14 14:12:28$18.00BUGS BUNNY’s TRICK ‘N TREAT #3 (DELL GIANT COMICS 1955) Golden Age THICKNo Bids Yet
360872430498Mar-01-14Mar-08-14 15:24:16$4,100.00DRACULA ORIGINAL COMIC ART #14 Page #18 GENE COLAN detailed art great flowAvailable
360872435190Mar-01-14Mar-11-14 16:35:00$13.00K-A 92 Romero Taylor Mimeo or Offset Cover, Ditto OLD 1st print mini zineAvailable
360872439788Mar-01-14Mar-11-14 16:44:53$45.00SKY MASTERS of the Space Force Book 1 JACK KIRBY wow WALLY WOODAvailable
121286255294Mar-01-14Mar-08-14 15:55:59$1,500.00SWAMP THING large size art from DC Comics Tom Yeates 1989 ink on comic art paperAvailable
360872445460Mar-01-14Mar-11-14 16:57:33$29.00 OFFERS OKCOMIC & CRYPT #6 Fanzine Bode’ art Neal Adams Interview Much art 1972 Batman…Available
121286266422Mar-01-14Mar-08-14 16:16:21$15.00LOONEY TUNES #176 (DELL COMICS 1956) 1st print & series BUGS BUNNY +No Bids Yet
360872457520Mar-01-14Mar-08-14 16:20:24$1,500.00SWAMP THING #86 Pg #18 w/ Etrigan the DEMON Tom Yeates ARTSigned 1989 LgSize ArtAvailable
360872552418Mar-01-14Mar-08-14 19:09:44$9.99CLASSIC ILLUSTRATED JUNIOR #542 VG or better The Donkey’s TaleNo Bids Yet
360872566125Mar-01-14Mar-11-14 20:45:21$25.00Bracelet and ear rings elegant Black and gold looking collectible antiqueAvailable
360872593057Mar-01-14Mar-08-14 20:45:12$29.00Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #95 Giant SILVER AGE DC COMIC Neal Adams CoverNo Bids Yet
360872632788Mar-01-14Mar-11-14 23:46:35$29.00Green Lantern/Green Arrow #89 DC Comics 1972 NEAL ADAMS ART 1st print 52pagesAvailable
360872633537Mar-01-14Mar-11-14 23:49:32$120.00SHOCK SUSPENSTORIES #5 EC COMICS 1952 Old VG range Vintage Comic Book 1st printAvailable
121286432126Mar-01-14Mar-12-14 00:19:22$24.95BATMAN Bloodstorm TPB DC COMICS 1st print 1994 KELLEY JONES Moench nice shapeAvailable
360872668450Mar-02-14Mar-09-14 00:26:35$839.00Marvel ORIGINAL Comic Art Signed TONY DeZUNIGA SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #181 PG 55Available
360873100906Mar-02-14Mar-12-14 14:00:29SOLDOriginal Comic Art by GEORGE EVANS — EC SOLD Comics CRIME SUSPENSESTORIES #21 PAGE 4Available
360873190950Mar-02-14Apr-01-14 16:16:53$450.00COVER ART Original Comic Art STEALTH FORCE #1 Jerry BINGHAM Comic Art SALEAvailable
121287160756Mar-02-14Mar-09-14 17:02:10$39.95MARVEL PREVIEW PRESENTS #14 STAR-LORD Guardians of the Galaxy STARLIN COVERAvailable
360873243985Mar-02-14Mar-09-14 17:48:12$19.99Completely MAD Hardbound Book EC w dust jacket A History of the Comic & MagazineNo Bids Yet
360873280835Mar-02-14Mar-09-14 18:47:52$25.00MARVEL PREVIEW PRESENTS #15 STAR-LORD Guardians of the Galaxy HotComics MagazineAvailable
360873353863Mar-02-14Mar-09-14 20:54:34SOLDOriginal Comic Art by Zachary and Giordano HAWK AND DOVE Cover issue #4 –1998No Bids Yet
121287433543Mar-03-14Mar-10-14 01:26:53$15.00Justice League of America #70 SUPERMAN’s DEATH DOOMSDAY FUNERAL 1st print NM DCNo Bids Yet
360873504905Mar-03-14Mar-10-14 03:41:15$25.00Star Trek trading cards…would look nice framed…old; high gradeAvailable
121287910778Mar-03-14Mar-10-14 18:49:16$190.00Amazing Spider-man Annual #2 CGC — 4.5 or better 🙂 Silver Age Steve Ditko LEENo Bids Yet
360874072289Mar-03-14Mar-10-14 19:45:22SOLDJim Starlin Original Comic Art Joe Rubinstein UNITY 2000 Issue #4 Page 17signedNo Bids Yet
360874079407Mar-03-14Mar-10-14 19:58:48Have!                                          $395JEMM SON OF SATURN #4 Original COMIC ART by Gene Colan SIGNED ’85 NewLowPrice DCNo Bids Yet
121287939499SAMPLESMar-10-14 20:02:37$15.00Batman #217 DC Comics 1st print Original series 1969 Silver Age Comic BookNo Bids Yet
121287956610Mar-03-14Mar-08-14 19:46:49$10.00Covered Wagons, Ho WALT DISNEY’s #814 DELL 1957 Mickey, Donald, Goofy and all…No Bids Yet
121288358685Mar-04-14Mar-14-14 13:38:58$20.00Marvel Preview #22 High Grade Unread MERLIN Comics B&W Magazine COMICS BuscemaAvailable
   50,000 comics still for sale tons of art too  
121288365110sometimes stuff sellsgraphic-illusion on ebay$20.00MARVEL PREVIEW featuring BLACKMARK #17 B&W Comic Magazine GIL KANE art B&WAvailable
Samples of what an about me page use to look like.

 photo fg1.jpg
go to my flash gordon page at graphic-illusion.com to see untarnished by photobucket

Domestic Shipping:  I often combine & discount shipping for more than one order & only charge shipping one time.

     Normal sized comics ship for $45.00 and more via ebay’s/pitney bowes system on average for 1st comic  via First class MAIL for the first 1-3 items.   Around $8.00-$11 up in a Priority box for more)  (Buy 2-3 comics at same time no additional fee) shipped in same order.   

     I ship internationally. All fees must be covered by buyer.

     Most items ship within 1-3 weekdays (not counting weekends, holidays/vacations or conventions, shows. This keeps my comics in higher grade.  (Untouched since issued). Usually I ship within 1 weekday.  Unlisted items may take a week to process. I stay in communication at all times.

I insure expensive items. You are responsible for actual shipping and insurance costs.  Though if I say FREE then I’ll cover all fees for no additional fee.  Please do not alter the total without my permission.   Do go to Paypal directly if you suspect anything from anyone.  I can send an invoice to you from them too.  Request it as needed via email please.  r.gustaveson@comcast.net

If I accept your offer then reasonable to exact postage is due.   *Offer when accepted usually means we renegotiate shipping.  It costs about $19 for art to ship via Priority between 3 boxes; 

I ship of course using ebay/pitney bowes/ usps lowest possible first class price/rate.  Often it will still be free.   Tracking free on everything. Off ebay I use the USPS. But other options are open.

Regarding  International shipments:   I only use Ebay’s Global Shipping platform.  .  Contact me if you have a question.   Although I usually cover the extra shipping costs and insurance that may be due you are responsible for shipping to your Country.  I appreciate you buying from me. I’ll work with you on everything until we arrive at something.

Talk to me, all options are open.  After you pay for shipping for 1st page of art (if it so says) additional art shipped in same order ships for free.  Buy a bunch of art it will usually all ship free, domestically.

Refund Policy:  Sold as is, all sales are final.  In rare instances a mistake may occur.   If this happens email me or call please prior to returning anything.   I cover return shipping if it is my fault. I do not offer a look at this first (to see if one likes it) free return service. Thanks for understanding.

If I send the wrong item I’ll cover shipping both ways!!!   Everything is sold as a is final.

Nothing is sold by grade or guide and I make no assertions as to what a grading service or guide may think, say or do.  Not sold by grade or guide by me so that cannot be a reason for return.  I’ll give you an idea of the shape.  Sometimes I can show you the item in person.  Happy to describe item in detail.  Skype and video are options for pre-viewing.  I have graded comics professionally for 53+ years.  I was there at the beginning of comicdom.  

I grade in your favor; I just don’t sell many graded comics (I have a few); I sell comics you could get graded.  When I owned my stores I’d order 10-100 or more copies of some great comics that have never been read or opened.  Ask me about them.  X-men!!! Spider-man. Batman. Superman. Pristine sold as NM.  For example.    I am PMC comics so all you buy from me will be accurately graded for free.  

 photo fg4-1.jpg

Buy what you love if it goes up that is an added bonus. 

As far as shipments to other Countries I’ll insure it and mail it and prove it was mailed. Will  ship as you ask and pay for must be insured. 

Been on ebay over 22 years.  I have been selling comics and art  for over 50 years.   And I’ve graded comics & done mail order also for about 50 years. I want your satisfaction and repeat business.  

All comics and art are from a  fresh air environment.  Thanks for reading my ads and this blog and buying.  My kids, my grandkids & great grandkids and I deeply appreciated it.



Graphic Illusion Comics and Art (EC Marvel DC Original Comic Art) comicbooks

 photo nn.jpg





On left — in 1st photo:  Jack Kirby, Rob Gustaveson (me) and Steve Gerber circa 1982 at the first creator’s rights autograph party ever held by Rob (I was probably suckered into it but that is ok). 

Alan Watts (a great philosopher) just above.  

Album in middle has Dr. Strange on the cover.

This is graphic-illusion #3


Fanzines I once published (as a kid), article I wrote, drawing I did (ala Alex Raymond).




Visit today



     I’m holding a mint FF#1 and all other Mint Key Marvel’s in that binder.  (As a kid just after graduating High School).

     Thanks for visiting my about me page on ebay

     I sell comics and comic-art. And I specialize in old quality comic book art by Professionals whose work I admire and also SF / fantasy art.


     Thank you for visiting and bidding on or buying my stuff.


Art by Gustaveson photo pc069c.jpg
Graphic Illusion Comics and Art (EC Marvel DC Original Comic Art) comicbooks

Graphic Illusion

art, books, comics

I specialize in:  Comic Books,  Original Comic Art,

Rare Books, 1st edition magazines & plenty of other cool collectibles, antiques, memorabilia & film stuff.  

Mostly I am just selling what I already have:  Comics and Art.

Favorite Links: 



Join my comics related facebook page:


 photo IMG_1976.jpg

Buy my Original Art!  Or sell me some.

Info and Article/BLOG:

Hope you find something you are looking for. 

Comics make great reference material & teach business, art and writing skills.  Plus they entertain the eye and mind.

I’ve been selling, promoting & accurately grading comics for 52 years.  

I spent my first 47 years on Earth in the San Fernando Valley.  Specifically Van Nuys, CA for most of it. 

I owned my first comic & bookstore in 1978 in Venice/Ocean Park, CA (Called “Beyond Illusion” for a solid year).   And I managed a chain off and on for most of ten years in the 70’s and 80’s.

I once owned the super ultra cosmic magical comic book shop:  

Ninth Nebula from Oct. 1986 to Oct. 1996.  The actual name was:  “The Comic Book Store Museum.” Though I just called it the Comic Book Store for a long while.

In my lifetime I probably held over 50 autograph parties with comic & SF professionals  (mostly between 1976 and 1996) (artists and writers, including several times with Jack Kirby (Most Early Marvel’s), Stan Lee (Author, Publisher Marvel Comics + Film cameo artist), Dave (Rocketeer)  Stevens, Paul (X-men) Smith, George Clayton Johnson (Twilight Zone), Harlan Ellison (Author), Steve Gerber (HTD), Marty (Dr. Fate) Pascoe, Sergio Aragones (Groo), Larry Niven*, Roy Thomas (Conan..), Gerry Conway (Conan +; Fire & Ice with Bakshi), ask to see the videos of some of the events* some are posted already on youtube and with many many other awe inspiring pros.  

 photo Taonew1.jpg

Art by gustaveson Mr. Tao variant

I had two interviews published in Comics Journal (one with Roy Thomas and one with Gerry Conway).   

Over 28 years ago:  I managed a chain of comic stores.  I also owned  two stores (at different times, 1978) and as mentioned (1986-1996) and threw a small comic book convention 1985/6 at an SF clubhouse (LASFS) next door to where I opened my small but mighty comic store.

Some of my collection (at the time) of old comics appeared on the front page of the Burbank Daily Leader Newspaper along with an article I wrote on comics in 1985. My advertisements appeared in RBCC and Comic Buyer’s Guide early on. Five of my 10+ articles are on “ezine.”

I am a private party off loading most of my old store stock & personal collection.  And I collect still.

I sell comics, original comic art — I want to share my abundance of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, SPIDER-MAN, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Hulk, and X-MEN, Avengers, Frank Miller, Frazetta, Kirby, Ditko and thousands of titles and including about 25,000 to 50,000 HIGH GRADE comics with you now.   

I have some of  these in quantity and high grade at low prices… And I sell comics from many companies including DC, Pacific, EC, First, Tower, Harvey, Marvel, Fiction House, Charlton, Eclipse,  Image, Valiant, Dark Horse, independent comics, bronze age, silver age comics, (all ages), golden age, big little book’s, pulps, original comic art, old fanzines...and more.  

I published 5+ fanzines from 1965-1971 Beyond Infinity #1, Eon  #2 — says on the back the Magazine of Graphic Illusions and sports a Tim Kirk wraparound DRAGON cover), Eon #3 (with a Ditko back cover) & Graphic Illusions with A Steve Fabian front cover, Al Williamson, Wally Wood, Ditko, Jeff Jones, George Barr, Tim Kirk, Wendy Pini art.  And others.  In 2001 I put out Graphic Illusions 30 year anniversary special.  My words and art have appeared in 100’s of  SF & comic fanzines too (such as Apa-L)…sort of (never counted).  

 photo c4photos908002.jpg

Photo is sample of a few items.  I probably have all of the BLB’s for sale plus more still.  Can list them on ebay or anyhwhere you want if you ask.

I have tons of comics 50,000 back issue comics still.  They were  reduced from 250,000 comics to the best grade, variety & quality.  I have some  antiques, real and costume jewelry, books and magazines.  

I have tons of comics from the 60’s — 70’s!  Bagged & boarded.  Many from the 1950’s too.  I buy.  I collect.   I sell.

I was a member of Capa-Alpha (the elite comic apa zine club) as a kid & the comic club SMASH of Los Angeles.  And contributed to Apa-L.

I also accept payment via PayPal and am verified.  Sorry no cash through mail only in person!!! If ebay allows checks and money orders then I accept them.  (I don’t think they do at the moment).

All my comics & Vintage Collectible Items are left over from personally collecting and reading and caring for them;  and from owning two comic shops and throwing 19 mini comic cons prior to 1996.     

This page is © Copyright 2012, 2013, 2018 Gustaveson

P.S. I still collect.  Especially artwork — Comic and SF/Fantasy.



Barry Windsor Smith art in this comic photo x198.jpg

I deal with calm, happy respectful people.

Buy Sell Trade

Promote Create Serve


Mr. Tao variant © Copyright 1976, 2009, 2013 Gustaveson

Graphic Illusion Comics and Art Selling for over 52 years.

Comic Books Comic Art graphic-illusion.com blb's books EC Golden Age Marvel DC homepage

 photo IMG_1987.jpg

Pulp Art



 photo we027.jpg
I published this in 1971


 photo IMG_1407.jpg

     My comics, art & other items I uploaded to You Tube Videos can be listed here at ebay upon request (just ask).  http://www.youtube.com/user/urmzogna?feature=mhee

     Please SEND ME YOUR WANT LISTS and if I have them I can list them here for you.   

     I have graded whole stores  professionally.  I want your satisfaction and repeat business.  Open to hearing about deals.


Rob Gustaveson

P.O. Box 1261

Phoenix, OR 97535


Again, thanks for shopping with me.

Do your own thinking but don’t believe everything you think. 🙂

 photo drstrangehand.jpg

Dr. Strange Mural on Ninth Nebula’s 

wall 1986-1996 –My old store


Old Man by gustaveson © copyright 1976, 2014, 2020

I sell comics in all grades even have a couple graded ones.

I sell books, comics, original art, fanzines, coca cola items, 

post cards, record albums and much more.

George Evans EC art and EC crew…! Sold

 photo 2013e012.jpg

 Marvel Comics   DC Comics     ORIGINAL COMIC ART     Fanzines    EC Comics

Graphic Illusion Comics and Art (EC Marvel DC Original Comic Art) comicbooks

Make a note of my site can list anything here.

My youtube name: http://www.youtube.com/user/urmzogna comics art features

 photo beats.gif

Ask me to list Greek Beatle records (45’s).. In great shape.

Will list anything I have: 200,000 items available.

Too many words? Most other pages on my site have too few words. Check it out.

  It is now almost 2021 Thanks for being.

looking at this page for the 1st time in a couple of years;



and Visit my oldest siteL graphic-illusion.com

note most images ruined by photobucket….I have the comics and can take more photos for you just ask. 1-05-23 RVG 🙂

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