Ninth Nebula The Complete –Comic Book Store — 1986-1996 (-2020 still as

ninth-nebula comics and art (phased out), (still strong) & (Finally developing for your viewing & buying pleasure). Thanks for being. And buying from me, Rob G., selling comics and art for 52 years 2020, comiczar, Click link to see old remnant of Ninth Nebula Comics and Art for sale. Graphic IllusionContinue reading “Ninth Nebula The Complete –Comic Book Store — 1986-1996 (-2020 still as”

EPIC Illustrated Magazine

Magazines (all comics within in magazine format). EPIC Illustrated Magazine Super great comic books, 1st printings ever. In high grade on cheap paper, in full color from MARVEL COMICS & Author / Publisher Stan Lee by practically all of the artistic legends of the comic book genre!  Magazine size but awesome coloring and art andContinue reading “EPIC Illustrated Magazine”

Dr. Strange and Strange Tales Comics

Marvel Dr. Strange is The Master of Mystic Arts — unique and wonderful comics — also a great film. Page Source initially — see it there; click the link. Marvel Comics         DC Comics          Original Comic Art*          Fanzines           EC Comics   7-13-19   Added a lot of images below; Colleges haveContinue reading “Dr. Strange and Strange Tales Comics”

Jack Kirby Comics

Just some; all for sale; contact me to buy some. Now. 🙂 Old, Rare & Unique Back Issue Comics MARVEL      DC      ORIGINAL COMIC ART     Fanzines     EC Comics     Golden Age Comics for Sale — Updated 4-01-2020  Jack Kirby SEE MORE IMAGES HERE AT THIS LINK Just Above..   Back Issue Jack Kirby COMIC BOOKSContinue reading “Jack Kirby Comics”