Comics For Sale #27

From Rob Gustaveson POB 1261 Phoenix, OR 97535 253-632-3175 Accept Paypal; Selling comics for most of my last 53 years, and grading and doing mail order. I want your repeat business. Contact me for grade and price. Thank You. SHIP in one weekday, protected; with new bag and board; Via 1st class (Priority isContinue reading “Comics For Sale #27”

Comics For Sale #25

A list of back-issue-comics for sale from Rob Gustaveson ( Shipping $4 via 1st class mail (Or priority if you choose) SHIPS protected in a box or between 2-4 pieces of sturdy cardboard in a manila or plastic envelope. Ships in one weekday. Expensive items insured; everything tracked. Over 52 years grading and doing mailContinue reading “Comics For Sale #25”

COMICS For Sale #22

Available from back (aka 253-632-3175 I accept checks, money orders (must clear) and Paypal (preferred –will ship in a weekday, protected) 52+ Years selling and grading comic books so far. Ask for a grade and price. Comes with FREE bag and board, Item in scan is the item (though I might haveContinue reading “COMICS For Sale #22”