BACK ISSUE COMICS Green Lantern Pg #35

Green Lantern Comics for sale Images of Covers for sale. FOR SALE directly from me — merely EMAIL ME for price and grade FREE bag and board, Ships via 1st class in a weekday well protected; Pick up OK; no cash thru mail; Specialize in Mail Order. Paypal OK. Cash in person OK. BuyContinue reading “BACK ISSUE COMICS Green Lantern Pg #35”

Transferring Comic Page 13 from here to WordPress as Everything I have shared here — typed or images of my comics and art appeared here for the 1st time this year…Comics for sale to you from me directly; (Or from some platform you like such as ebay or facebook or bonanza…or…) Just ask via email. Note I have 50 pages here… MARVEL COMICSContinue reading “Transferring Comic Page 13 from here to WordPress as”

Comics for sale Page 32 EMAIL Back issue Comics Sept. 2020 Contact me for a price and grade send your want or have lists to my email or: POB 1261 Phoenix, OR 97535 (Due to wild fires my post office is temporarily closed so email is best. 2536323175 some times the phone works EMAIL IS BEST, thank you!!! ShipContinue reading “Comics for sale Page 32”

Comics For Sale #27

From Rob Gustaveson POB 1261 Phoenix, OR 97535 253-632-3175 THIS IS: Accept Paypal; Selling comics for most of my last 53 years+, and grading and doing mail order that long as well. I want your repeat business. Contact me for grade and price. Thank You. Am still as well. SHIP in one weekday,Continue reading “Comics For Sale #27”