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Have many Flash Gordon, Tarzan and rice Valiant Strips for sale. Email me $10-$39 each
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back issue comics

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Original Comic Art & about 50,000

Back Issue Comics for sale.

In all grades. Most Companies.

Best with a computer. Not made for cellphones (though it was checked on one that worked ok). you can get to 100 pages with your smart phone but images open slowly. My oldest site is still up. Have most of the items listed.

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note high grade; As seen on NCIS in the hands of McGee
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amazing spider-man comics — for sale NOW! AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Scarce Collector’s Items
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I accept Paypal and checks and money orders.  References.

Strange-Tales-Comics- 4 sale

 Steve Ditko Art   

 Modern Amazing Spider-man Spider-man comics click link


Venom_comics_for_sale (Spider-man’s Nemesis)

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Also have about 2000 Spider-man Comics from all series

prior to 1996.

INQUIRE (This page is being edited)

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Spider-man Annual #21 

 (1987) NM (Peter Parker version) 

 Spider-man’s Wedding !

  $10.00 ea

And more.  Inquire. ***

Amazing Spider-man Annual #2 with an original story

vg+/Fine or better;   Steve Ditko

  Masterpiece with Dr. Strange! 

Double the pages.  Looks nice.  

Great Gloss and color.  


Now also have a beat up copy INQUIRE.

 Inquire for price or for any reason